Fast Internet for All Our Devices

My husband and I have three children. We bought a nice house on the outskirts of a metropolitan area, thinking we would raise them there until they all went off to college. Crime became a problem though, and we didn’t hesitate to start looking for a more rural area to live because it would be safer and healthier for all of us. We found a nice farmhouse situated on a couple of acres of land, but I had to make sure of something before we moved. I knew next to nothing about high-speed rural Internet, and I wasn’t even sure if something like that existed.

I had to make sure that we would have access to the best Internet possible though because I work from home, and my husband also does a lot of telecommuting. We were only going to be about 35 minutes from the city, but it was rural enough that I knew the traditional ways of accessing the Internet would not be possible. I went online before we made an offer on the house to see what our choices were. We actually had two different ones, which surprised me.

The first was a dial up connection, which is definitely not high speed nor it is very convenient. I vetoed that one from the start, especially since the second one, satellite Internet, looked to be very promising. I read about the speed and how it is very comparable and even exceeds other types of Internet connections at times, and I knew that we were going to end up moving there because of that. The technician came out a couple of days after we made the move. He didn’t have to run many wires at all, so it did not take him nearly as long as I thought it would. The end result is that we have fast Internet for all of our devices, and we are all much happier living in a quieter, more relaxed setting.

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