Stuff I Think About when Picking Our Energy Providers

There is a lot of controversy about energy today. The coal industry in the northeast has taken a huge hit due to the costs of natural gas due to the Marcellus Shale drilling project. Then OPEC went and lowered oil prices, and that had an effect on the growing natural gas industry up there. The coal-fired power plants are closing, and natural gas ones are being built. The market for energy providers is huge. Texas is oil country, but we do have the electricity deregulation that allows us to choose the retail electricity provider that we prefer.

As the industries fight it out as to how power generation is going to be done in this country, I just want the lowest rate we can get for the per kilowatt hour measurement that the electric company uses on our bill. However, I have been keeping an eye on Green energy providers to bypass the fossil fuel generation of our power and maybe get into something such as a provider that sells wind energy. Sometimes, depending on your standpoint for conservation, it is not all about the per kilowatt hour rate. Maybe it is about only choosing an electricity supplier that produces energy from renewable resources.

Two things are happening. The first is the continued growth for the need for power generation. The second is how the energy is produced. Then that filters down into costs that are usually the bottom line for customers. Many are not concerned where the electricity comes from, as they are only concerned about what their bills say every month. I am on the fence with that. I want to take a stand and choose from energy providers that use renewable resources, but I also want to save as much as we can on our electric bill.

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