Thinking About Whether or Not to Get Netflix

I have been thinking about how easy it would be to live without cable, although I really do not have that much choice in the matter really. I have moved out of the dorms at college and after paying my rent and other expenses there is not any money left for stuff like cable. I had to get the internet of course and so I am thinking about whether or not to get Netflix, although that would be a little bit of money that I do not have to spare. I was checking out a site called It says that it is a fan site and it tells you all of the latest news about what is going to be streaming on Netflix. Of course I did not get the most awesome internet service in the world and that is going to make a big difference in how good a service you are going to get from any streaming service, especially one which is streaming video like Netflix does. I have only had this internet for a couple of days, but I have already noticed that it is subject to a very common complaint with internet services. The bandwidth is never all that terrific, but then you get to the time of the night when all of the people get home from work and other stuff. They all start to do stuff on the internet and you will notice that the amount of bandwidth is pretty much constrained. I am quite sure that Netflix would not be that good in those time slots. Of course that is going to be a substantial problem for me. That is going to be about the time that I am getting done with all of the stuff that I have to do and when I would want to watch a movie.

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